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Spring Break 2005 and my crew headed to Lake Cumberland for a little relaxation. They have an indoor pool and rec room for the kids as well as a full fledged marina and hiking trails. Wildlife is abundant near the lodge. The restaurant boasts an all you eat buffet highlighted with warm banana pudding for dessert. I did manage a hike and a side trip to Creelsboro Natural Bridge about 25 minutes away from the lodge. Creelsboro Natural Bridge is 7th largest span in the Eastern United States. It is the 3rd largest span in Kentucky.

Link to Lake Cumberland State Resort Park

Click for map to Lake Cumberland SRP


Park Entrance


A restaurant regular


That's one bass-ackwards skunk. Black on white?


It looks as if he has been eating well too


Wild Turkey...the featherd kind


Falls along the hiking trail


Creelsboro Natural Bridge. This arch is the 7th largest span in the Eastern United States. Four of the top 10 are found in Kentucky.  


Also known as the Creelsboro Rockhouse, this "bridge" is as deep as it is wide 

Creelsboro Natural Bridge is easily accessible and is actually on private property. The Goff family went to great pains to assure its survival. My thanks go to them. Please be respectful when you visit the area. The family has a monument to memorialize the family at the site.